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this looks like a man just got switched into a cats body and he’s having some self realization of the situation and he’s buggin

While its definitely hilarious to see this kind of behavior, it’s also really rather interesting too!  *from a structural standpoint I might add~*  Sometimes I kinda think that the whole “making an upright stance from a quadrupedal structure” probably isn’t all too articulate in reality, but interestingly enough the cat actually gets himself down from the table like most of us probably would  *feet first, hands on the table to stabilize*, and backpedals~  I don’t know if this is really anything amazing or not, but it’s rather interesting seeing that it can walk in a way that we might be able to relate to!  

Perhaps as a comparison, think to the last time you tried moving around on your hands and feet only.  Felt pretty awkward right?  Certainly not as smooth as a cat or a dog.  Here the only thing that seems to be a problem for it is a bit of a balance issue and maybe some adjustments to how its hips move in comparison to its trunk~

*squirms*  Aaaaah, still though, cute as hell, but I’m easily amused/impressed and think about stuff way too much haha!

Someone stole my scooter’s license plate??

I mean… Not like they just fall off afterall~

I’m starting to realize that none of the characters that I call my sonas are ever all too consistent in structural make-up, but… well at least they still are the same personality for the most part huh~?  All the same, I bet you can guess who this is if you’ve seen his fuzz before~!

Ok, so I admit, been kinda taking a fancy to the more anthro form, but that’s just because they’re easier to topple under a heavy load~  (And that means they have to lay down somewhere to digest and prevent said toppling over, which makes them much more cute)  At any rate, decided I’d take another crack at it, and I don’t feel the results were too too bad~!  Still needs some work, and I’m no better at faux cushions than when I started, but look!  I made a burp!  That’s…, well, Something!!  *your stomach does “lurch” a bit when it has to force something up afterall~*

Long story short this is what I do with half the time I waste that should be dedicated to homework~!  The rest is spent gaming and eating!




rubysnoot it’s really difficult to keep up a gut too ugh, I’d have to eat all day

*snrk* Interestingly enough, I’ve been eating quite a lot lately compared to my previous diet *and with a much more rich range of food too*, and I honestly haven’t noticed…

Yeah same I really don’t want to overdo it but also too slim isn’t super cute for me either maybe just a little tumm for me

Well honestly I recently cut back at my attempt at gaining a few. When I was really trying to I kind of put myself on a regimen of thick chunky peanut butter and jelly and doughnuts in between big hearty meals. I think you saw that order I got of like a bucket full of doughnuts holes I ate for 2 days straight hahaha

Heeeee~  Gotta get that nice balance going~!  Semi-trim figure all-round with a bit of a tum without spilling out into the extremities~  *trust me, I’ve got my tastes down to the dotted “i’s” and the crossed “t’s” in some ways~*  (Also I remember that man, it looked really awesome for sure haha!  I’m kinda a lightweight when it comes to portions though~  Gotta find just the right food or be just that perfect mix of hungry to really wolf enough down to feel good after~!)

It’s strange man, the human body can pull the weirdest shit when it comes to how it handles food!  Can’t remember where I saw it, but some Japanese study group decided to replicate that “Super Size Me” movie with some college kids there, and they gained only just a little extra weight and only reported feeling a bit more tired *and I believe a decreased libido too, but don’t quote me on that*.  Point being, it seems like your body’s got a real big margin for handling heavy change in your diet over a semi-short period of time, buuuuut everyone is different, so I don’t suggest everyone go stuff their gobs full of sweets because of a hypothesis… even though that sounds like absolute heaven~… 

I really wish I had a tummy to kiss and stuff


rubysnoot it’s really difficult to keep up a gut too ugh, I’d have to eat all day

*snrk*  Interestingly enough, I’ve been eating quite a lot lately compared to my previous diet *and with a much more rich range of food too*, and I honestly haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary gut or chub-wise haha!  Suppose it may change in time given that this may be a bit of a metabolism cushion until it can’t keep up, but it’s sorta fun/not fun not seeing any “little” results~  Means I can eat whatever I like… but nothing sticks heh~  *I’m too self-concious for full-on chub, buuuut a little belly wouldn’t hurt perhaps~?*

*bla bla involving my personal self in things I’d rather not over the internet but oh well it’s fun*

What has influenced your art the most?


Other artists. I pick up a lot from imitating stuff I like, and making it into my own thing

Just thought I’d give this a quick reblog before I hit class; if anyone is wondering why my art looks the way it does, it’s because my art has gone through a still ongoing process of imitation and natural selection.  In other words, I find things I like in others’ art, and I try and imitate that certain style or whatever it may be.  It might not eventually work-out for me, but no matter what I always bring-away a little bit of what I was trying to achieve and add it to my own personal style!

If you’re ever wondering a sure way to develop your own style in the long-run, imitate those whose art you admire —don’t copy, imitate!—.  More than likely you won’t keep every bit of what you learn, only what matters most to you and your artistic style!  

(On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with copying someone’s work as a test of your own abilities, but don’t go posting it like it’s your own, alright?  That’s a magical word we like to refer to as plagiarism~!  Keep the results of your findings to yourself and apply what you’ve learned to your own work!)

So I was working on a little doodle for fun instead of homework since I prefer not to be a 24/7 school machine, and we had the fire alarm go off so the RA’s could look for contraband stuff *because it really shouldn’t take 15 or more minutes of standing around outside for a fire drill*

When I got back in, my computer decided it didn’t remember how to interact with any software related to internet usage, so while trying to jog its memory by closing it and opening it, the whole thing froze, and now a good hour or two of drawing has been wasted along with an hour or two of homework.

My computer’s OS is made of plywood and scotch tape, and my dorm is out to interrupt me in every way possible; do you see my problem here~?

(Sorry for the sudden goopy venty thing after having such a spike of interest with the comic; I’m happy you guys enjoyed it so much!  I just wish I didn’t have to pull teeth to catch a little enjoyment outside of the digital realm is all~  Hope yall are having a better week than I am!)

…ok, c’mon now, who doesn’t thumb through others’ blogs looking for cute stuff that maaaaaaay or maynot be alluded to by a single drawing you run across~?  I mean… they have the capacity to, right?  …Right??

On today’s episode of “I swear I’m not Weird!”…

I think I'm a little late but no matter, Happy Birthday man! ^.=.^ *wheels in cart loaded with cake, ice cream and other treats* Go crazy!

Hehehe, nowyou’re speaking my language~!  Am I starting to desensitize you to all this nonsense yet, or are we just scaling up the serving sizes to match the recipient~?

Still though, thankyou thankyou man~!  Here’s to a wonderful year of my life spent with new friends and old ones, and plenty of art to go around inbetween, however much it’s to others’ tastes or not heheh~

364 days from now I will have existed two decades; time sure flies doesn’t it~?



We need to talk about Kevin


Urrrrrrf!!  Okyeah, this is one of the reasons why I really think the taur-esque format can be really cute for this kinda stuff, but it’s also the reason why I don’t do it all too often since I can’t consciously articulate the body in a way that all looks natural and structurally sound.  So instead, I’ll give yall this cutie and call it even!